5 Days of Feels – Day 5 – Amusement

Just in case you didn’t get enough of a laugh from day 4 (my embarrassment)  day 5 is amusement. Naturally the first thing I though of was a time when I laughed alot. Earlier today I had been talking on the phone with my friend Abby and that reminded me of a time in history class when neither of us could stop laughing. THE REASON! I shall now tell you………don’t judge me.

That day in history class we had just gotten new seats. The teacher was on a particularly long and boring rant which no one was paying attention to. Being bored, my eyes started to wander around the room.
There was a kid (named Noland, he’s a funny guy) who sat in the desk to the right of us (Abby sat next to me on the right and I was by the window). He was spinning his pencil but it fell off the desk and onto the floor. When I noticed that, I also noticed that something else looked a little weird. When I realized, I turned to Abby and whispered “Umm…why…does it look like Noland shaved his legs?” She quirked an eyebrow and glanced over at him. Then she immediately slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle her laugh–something that didn’t work to well. This weird snort/puff sound slipped out which of course made me start laughing–more at her reaction than the original reason. And before long we were both really struggling to not start laughing as loud as…Oh I don’t know…something really loud.
As you might have guessed, we couldn’t be laughing like that without being found out, so despite our attempts at being quiet, the teacher called on us and asked us a question about what she had just been talking about. Seeing as how we’d been more focused on not being totally obvious with our laughter, we had no idea whatsoever about what she was talking about.
So we winged it.
Between giggles, peals of laughter, and hugely obvious smiled we each struggled (and failed) to put on a solemn face and answer the question with some bs response.
Eventually she let us off the hook and called on someone else (somehow, I don’t know how, we had managed to give her some very vague nearly logical response to her question).
Then me and Abby kind of just looked at each other out of the corners of our eyes and pretended to be looking through the history book until we stopped smiling.

So…yeah. That’s probably not all that funny of a situation for you people to read, but if you had been there, you might have been laughing too–most of the class was at least doing that weird “breath-out-of-your-nose-in-a-silent-laugh-because-you’re-unsure-if-you-should-actually-laugh-or-not” laugh………yeah.


Me and my friend Chelsea were sleeping over at one of my other friends (Haley)’s house about month ago. We were all getting hungry and waiting for the pizza that was in the oven to be done. Haley was in the kitchen and Chelsea and I were in the living room. The following conversation ensued.
Chelsea: Why isn’t my food done yet?”
Haley: It’s almost ready. Just wait a minute, would you?
Haley: Huh?
Haley: Are you–
Chelsea: IN AZKABAN!!!
Me: *Laughing into a pillow*

I only realized like a week later that she got that off the internet.

Baby Wild Rabbit

Hi guys. Something exciting happened recently. My mom found a nest of baby rabbits that had been dug up. One Rabbit was still alive, having fallen into the vegetable garden. It’s lucky that we found it relatively quickly seeing as how it was very hot that day. (Sadly we actually found one of its siblings dead near where the nest was. I feel terrible that we didn’t find it in time) Anyway, we brought it inside (it was only about a day or two old at the time) and put it in a box with the remains of the nest, a towel, and one of my old shirts because it was softer than the towel. I was running around like crazy trying to get everything it needed. Our house is very warm (no a.c.) so we decided not to turn on a heat lamp unless we though it needed it. We’ve been feeding it a milk mixture out of an eyedropper, and now it is at least 5 Days old and eating hungrily–especially now that the formula has been changed to something with more protein.
I am very relieved that it is doing so well. I hope it continues to improve. It might not be out of the woods yet, but it’s doing well so there’s definitely hope. Wish us luck.


5 Days of Feels – Day 4 – Embarassment

Soooo…4th day, so I guess that means I’ll be telling you about an embarrassing moment of my life. (The first to come to my mind, to be exact). After I had decided (thanks to a comment/feedback) to choose embarrass ment over fear, immediately I began dreading what I would remember. Somehow I manage to embarrass myself alot. Possibly in part because of my social awkwardness. He story I’m going to tell you is pretty weird. It happened in middle school, (7th or 8th grade I think…) To this day I haven’t a clue as to why it happened. But I still get embarrassed when I think about it–sense I’m just the type to dwell on this stuff unfortunately.

It’s about a half hour ride (on the school bus) from my house to the school. I must have been sitting with my legs weirdly positioned (I remember I was sitting in the seat that had half the floor raised because  of the bus wheel) or something that day. Because of this, one of my legs randomly did this weird lock thing–which I didn’t notice until it was time to walk down the bus isle and get off the bus at school. So when I stood up, after my first step, my leg jerked backwards like it was double jointed. I literally had no control over it. It took me a painfully long time to get off the bus this way (I was holding the line up and someone asked if I was okay–which, naturally, made my face become as red as a tomato. Not only that, but as I was climbing down the steps of the bus (with my leg still acting like it wad on a hinge), I fell. And I mean completely fell. Like topple, bang, thud. Right onto the sidewalk with hundreds of people also getting off their busses.
I got up as quickly as I could, and didn’t look back as some guy who’s voice I recognised asked me if I was alright. I just sort if said as I got up “I’m fine” really quick and tried to get out of there fast. Thankfully after a few steps I could walk normally again. My knee was back to normal just as randomly as it had wen  weird. I was careful not to put much weight on that leg the whole rest of the day– afraid that if I did it would freak out again.
Naturally I tried to act as though it never happened. This might have worked at least slightly if my friend (sort of) hadn’t said to me as soon as I got to my locker that morning “So are you okay?” (She was laughing). When I asked if she saw, she said no, but Matt (the name of the boy who’s face I didn’t look to see when he asked if I was okay) had told her. I dreaded the idea that he might have told anyone else and made her promise not to say anything.
Oh, and by the way, that kid Matt, yeah, I had a little crush on him back on middle school so that just made the whole situation so much more fun for me. ////o//~//o////
At least no one mentioned it ever again. And you people who are reading this happens to be the only people I’ve told ever.

So…yeah. I told you it was weird. This isn’t the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me (there’s been alot, and I’d rather not recall the worst ones if I can help it). But I hope you guys enjoyed laughing at my humiliation. Thanks for reading 🙂


In Regards to Day 5 (Fear or Embarrassment)

I need some help deciding whether to choose to write about an embarrassing moment I’ve had, or a very fearful moment I’ve had for the third day of Five Days of Feels. Depending on what the commenters (that would be you, should you so choose) I will pick one and post it as soon as it decided. Because I am unsure which one to pick, until someone shared they’re opinion I will most likely put off posting.
So please comment. Fear, or Embarrassment?


Aaaand here's a random picture because I don't know what to put...

5 Days of Feels – Day Three – Anger

Today is the third day so it will be and “angry” memory I guess. Hmm…this is kinda tough. Uh… Okay. This is a weird one for me to think of sense it’s not that extreme but here It is:

I have a pet peeve for being shoved. It’s one of those things that for some reason really makes my blood boil.
One day in the 8th grade my friends and i caught a few girls idioticly smoking behind a bush at reccess. We decided to tell one of the teachers, but I didn’t want to get too involved so after the teacher was told I kinda drifted away. I didn’t want to get caught up in the drama and there wasn’t any need for any of us to be there anyway now that we told a teacher.
Anyway, they got in trouble and a few days later one of them saw me in the hallway and shoved me out of the way (after calling me and my friends certain things). I tried to ignore her but eventually I knew I was seconds away from snapping so I just walked away.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bullying. I understand why she was angry…but that didn’t make me any less mad at what she did.
All this probably sounds strange, but I just remember being really angry about it.
(Oh. And this was obviously not the angriest moment of my life. But it was the first I thought of)


5 Days of Feels – Day 2 – Sadness

This is the second post of this set, so that means I’m going to write a bit about a sad memory I have. (Hmm…this probably counts as a writing exercise…)

When I was in elementary school I had a friend names Shania. We’d known each other sense kindergarten and I considered her to be my best friend for a long time. She also called me her best friend. Then in third grade a new girl joined the class. Shania and that girl (Emily) became very close friends. And eventually, best friends. They would hang out together alot, tell secrets,laugh about inside jokes, and I knew my “place” had been taken. Often, Shania would ask me to give the two of them a “Friendship Quiz”. In those quizzes I remember having to ask them questions like “What’s her favorite color?” and “What’s their address?” then I would keep track of the points each of them won, and watch them celebrate over the results.  I was jealous of how close they were, so once or twice I tried taking the friendship quiz with Shania too. But I failed miserable. She’d never told me who she liked and I hadn’t been over to her house in years. At that point, I wanted to back away. But I was the weird kid, so I had very few friends. I didn’t want to give up the one friend who I still considered precious to me.
This went on for about a year. Then early in the fourth grade I got a phone call from Shania. I was very happy at first. But I remember what she said in that phone call. She’d called specifically to say “I don’t think we should be best friends anymore. I mean we can still be friends if you want, just not best friends.” There was a long silence while I tried to process that. (Actually I remember thinking in the back of my mind that it sounded like someone braking up with another. Lol) Well, I was pretty stunned so I said I’d call her back in a few minutes. It didn’t take long before I started crying. My mother asked me what was wrong and when I told, her she said I didn’t have to call Shania back. But I thought I needed to so I did. During that second half of the phone call I remember Shania telling me that she called me instead of telling me during school because she thought I’d cry and get her in trouble. But I guess that’s how an elementary student’s mind works, huh? Then I remember in the background my sisters asking my mom what happened, and when she told them, one of them said loudly “What a brat”. Later when Shania would question those words which she had heard, I would deny it and say that it was only the TV.
I was never angry at her, only sad. Really sad. It probably won’t seem like a big deal to anyone over the age of 8, but at the time I felt so unwanted. For the rest of elementary school I remember sitting in the corner of the playground by the chain link fence alone during recess. I hate that I felt so sorry for myself. I shouldn’t have cared so much.
Middle school got better though. At the beginning of fifth grade Shania said that sense Emily was in a different class, maybe we could be best friends again. Perhaps if I hadn’t met three girls Alexis, Renee, and Nicole (who is still one of my closest and best friends) I would have settled for that. But I didn’t. And I am so glad I didn’t. Because now I have real friends.

Well, that’s my sad memory. Sorry if it got pretty rambley. It kinda felt good to let it all out though. Hahaha. Please feel free to leave any comments, good or bad, about these posts. I really appreciate any feedback you give. Thanks for reading. 🙂


5 Days of Feels – Day 1 – Happiness

Okay, this is day 1 of this post collection so that means I’m going to write a paragraph or two about the first happy memory that comes to mind. It will probably be rather random.

At one point during middle school I didn’t have many friends. I mean I did have a few friends whom I did enjoy being with, but I always sort of felt like I was an extra character when I was with them. And I was pretty shy then so making friends was hard.
About half way through the 7th grade I became friends with a girl named Haley (it was a very strange way to become friends–i might write about it later). She introduced me to her bunch of friends. I’m still friends with all of the people in that group (and the group has grown considerably sense then and become even more diverse).  Anyway, up until the end of that year, I tried to keep a certain distance between myself and those people. –Don’t get me wrong, I liked them very much, but I didn’t want to make any assumptions or annoy them. Then at the last day of school they were hugging goodbye (in a very funny fashion I might add) and I kind of just stood off to the side awkwardly. But then one girl noticed and waved me over, and I positively got mobbed in that hug. Hahaha. Of course I didn’t mind though, and I felt very wanted and happy.
Sense then we’ve gone through a lot of crazy stuff and I’m still so happy to have met them. ^-^

5 Days of Feels – Inspired by D.L Robinson

So I was reading this article by D. L. Robinson on emotional intelligence. I won’t go into detail on it but he talked about the emotional wheels and how the basic eight emotions overlap to create the many emotions people feel. As you can tell from the title of this post, I’m just going to be focusing of five of these.
For the next five posts after this one, I’m going to make each one about a memory I have pertaining to one of these emotions. It might not be the most dramatic memory I have for that feeling, but it will be the first that comes to mind.


The order will be:
DAY 1 – Happiness
DAY 2 – Sadness
DAY 3 – Anger
DAY 4 – Embarrassment or Fear (based on request)
DAY 5 – Amusement

I hope you enjoy this little set of posts. Thanks for reading.

Trouble Posting

Hi guys. I’ve got a little problem.

Usually I do my posting from a WordPress app on my Kindle Fire, but for some reason nothing I try to post is actually showing up on the site. (If you’re wondering how I’m posting this it’s because I’m posting it from a computer. But if I continue to only post via computer posts will be even fewer and far between.

Wish me luck in fixing this problem and thanks for reading.

Also check out my new site desighn! The header was made for me by the owner of the wordpress blog http://wordpress.com/#!/read/blog/id/44141401/ Anthonie, who is a friend of mine. I’m really late in setting up the header but it’s because this is actually the first time I’ve gotten a chance to work on my site via P.C.

Anyway, yeah, I’ll publish a real post as soon as I’m able–I already have an idea.


I’m sleep deprived. I fell asleep at 3 this morning and woke up at 8.

At midnight last night I heard the chickens making some noise. I ignored it at first (I really didn’t want to get out of bed) but they continued squawking like that ever couple of minutes.
I got worried so I went outside with a flashlight and opened the chicken house door, and practically stepped on the snake.
It was a big black-snake about 3 feet long. It was curled up right behind the door but some of it’s tail was stretched out before the door.
Actually, come to think of it, I’d seen another black-snake around that size earlier that day (quite near the chicken coop). Maybe it was the same one.
Anyway, the younger chickens were foolishly circled around the snake–nit scared at all–so I had to pick up and move them to the roost so they wouldn’t be in the way.
Long story short I spend an entire hour trying to get that snake to leave. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes and tried everything from shining the flashlight at the snake, brushing it with a stick to try and make it leave, to even talking to it and asking it to leave.
None of this worked (including pushing it towards the doorway to make it get out.)
So I finally gave up at 1:00 in the morning and woke up my father. If it had been a smaller snake I would have done it myself, but in this case I decided I needed some help. My dad and I caught the snake and put it in a trash bin so we could relocate it this morning.

So, yeah, that was my Tuesday night.
The things I do for my animals. v.v